Friday, December 15, 2017

Sixty Years Of Performance: The Birth Of A Legacy

The post-war era of 1957 was in full swing. As technology and the world around us ever changed, so did the vehicles of the era featuring bigger, fuel-injected engines and more exotic tail fins and other exterior promotions.

One particular event stood out which really took the automotive world by storm. The birth of the Chevrolet Corvette.

The first-generation Corvette was unlike anything the world has ever seen and laid the groundwork for generations of high-performance vehicles to come. The 1957 Corvette was available in two packages, the 684 Heavy-Duty Suspension “Big Brake” package, and the 579E “Airbox Package.” The “Airbox Package” was only limited to 43 units, and featured unique options like a special sealed air intake system which drew cold air from the front of the engine compartment. That denser, cooler air helped the car reach its full potential during long race tracks.

Witnessing an Airbox Corvette is about as rare as witnessing a solar eclipse, so if you’re fortunate enough to witness one in person you’ll have to consider yourself quite fortunate! From the first to seventh generation Corvette of today, it just goes to show the automotive world that Chevrolet will always continue to innovate and improve while sticking to their grass roots. We’re certainly excited for what the future will hold for the Corvette and the racing world!  

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